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Bharadwaj B S April 7, 2015 08:09

Selecting mixture of species as "mass-flow-inlet" on a surface using UDF
Dear all,

My project is on wood sphere gasification, where there will be a sphere in the middle of a cylindrical flow domain having "velocity-inlet" on one side and "pressure-outlet" on other side.

There will be a "mass flow" of gases from the surface of the sphere. This is dependent on "time, mass, surface area and surrounding temperature".

Thankfully with the help of couple of members of this group, I was able to obtain the mass flow rate from the sphere surface which is currently "dependent" on "time", "mass", "surface area of sphere" and "Surrounding temperature".

Now the "mass" coming out of the sphere is by default "AIR". I want to change that to some mixture of gases say Co2, O2, N2 etc.

I went through some of the threads in this forum for choosing the mixture using UDF.

Where there were commands for only printing the "name of the species" and the "species Index".


How do I select a mixture as a fluid for "mass-flow-inlet" from sphere surface?

Is there a separate command for selecting mixture/species as the fluid which is coming out from a surface using UDF?

Any help on this regard will be of great use for me.

Thanks in advance,
Bharadwaj B S

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