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U1990 April 4, 2021 18:15

UDF Multiphase chemical reaction.
Hello, everyone.

I am trying to model a chemical reaction between two different fluids using Eulerian multiphase model. However, the reaction rate is calculated according to many correlations. I have writting a UDF code to incorporate this equations in model. But my problem is when I try to program the reaction between the specie 1 (in phase 1) with specie 2 (in phase 2).

How can I identify and select a specific specie in a phase?

I appreciate very much your help.

Yasser April 5, 2021 10:12

show what you have, so someone can suggest how to proceed

JeroenH April 9, 2021 03:04

I am not sure this is what you need, but you can get the index of a species in a mixture with the following bit of code (example is for oxygen):

Material *mat = THREAD_MATERIAL(t0);
int ind_O2 = mixture_specie_index(mat, "o2");

You can use this index to obtain the molecular weight or species mass fraction for example.

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