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Hossam March 27, 2009 08:55

UDF for PBM in Fluent
Hi everyone,

I have a question about the Population balance model in Fluent that i hope
you can give some advice about. i am trying to use this model to simulate
the atomization resulting from an airblast atomizer. obviously, i will not
be able to do that unless i manipulate the values of the breakage frequency.

i found out the Fluent provided Define macro: DEFINE PB BREAK UP RATE(name, cell, thread, d 1, d 2, freq, pdf)

However, i am not sure if the *freq can be treated as a flow field variable
or not. In other words, i need to make the freq function of the cell variables such as turbulence quantities and drop diameter. but i am not sure if the define macro will support this or not.

one way to know this is to use the User Defined Memory to display the
contours of the freq in order to see wether it changes from one cell to
another or not. However, this is also a very tricky process which i was not
able to do so far.
i hope that you can advise me about that. any info will be very appreciated.


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