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tlj March 31, 2009 03:47

Bondary layer model
Hi everyone,
I need to change the expressions of the rms fluctuating velocities in the near wall region to account for the anisotropic nature of turbulence in the boudary layer. This modification will be implemented in the 'Random Walk Model' used to account for particles turbulent dispersion (option in the Discrete Phase Model).
Can anyone help me with this. Any suggestions or macros I can use???
Thank you in advance.

HenrikS March 31, 2009 09:26

I have thought about this issue too, but never came around to do anything about it. You could either implement a random walk model on your own (probably what I would do), but that could be quite time consuming I guess. There is something called p->V_prime that I suspect could contain the fluctuating velocity components, and p->eddy_time that I suspect could contain the eddy life time or maybe rather the eddy interaction time. It would be nice if anyone with insight could comment on this? :-)

tlj March 31, 2009 14:45

Thanks a lot Henriks for your reply!

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