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Souviktor March 31, 2009 09:54

Body force at the cell face
Hi ,
I am studying some body force driven problem.Now as fluent uses collocated scheme so the body force that I supply fluent with a udf is accepeted by the fluent solver as body force at the cell center.
But it gives rise to spurious rolls in the solution.
As the body force is very highly (I repeat very highly!)non linear so even slightest interpolation will lead to huge error!
All I want is to define the body force at the cell face instead of cell center just as I would have done for a hand written CFD code with grid staggering with sepearte cell for vector and scalars half cell staggered(i.e storing pressure and velocity at different points).
Is there any way to do that....

one easy way though is increasing the no of grid points(to minimize interpolation error).....this improves the flow flield a lot!But even then I get fictitious rolls and vortex which I should'nt be getting.

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