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shankara.2 April 6, 2009 02:25

Procedure to incorporate UDF
Hi All

I have asked this question before but did not get a clear reply. So, I'm doing it again. I'm performing a particle deposition simulation and I have a UDF for the particle sticking model. I'm running in series mode for now. What is the exact step-by-step procedure to execute this UDF? I'm giving my current method (which doesnt work) below.

Read case & data file with the fully converged solution -> Set no. of UDM's -> Execute 1 flow iteration to initialize the UDM's -> Compile UDF and load -> Execute On_Demand macro -> Set wall BC as the UDF -> Iterate until solution converges again -> Display particle tracks

Does this seem right? I got some inputs where the case file is read first, then UDM's & UDF's loaded and then data file is read before performing particle tracking. Also, do I have to initialize the solution before performing any iteration if I already have the flow field solved?

One more strange thing happening is my UDF seems to be executed when I use surface injections but when I use group injections, all the particles just escape. Why is this?

Thanks & looking forward to a reply


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