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jaron April 6, 2009 16:55

UDF programming
I have a question on UDS equations. I want to model a UDS
equations with different DEFINE_SOURCE udf's which will be summed to one general source term in the equation by fluent itself (you can give different sources per UDS).

I am writing 1 c-file containing the different source udf's. UDF files for the solid an gas phase are put in one C-file beneath each other. (Like coding a full model).

How will fluent calculate the sources in the UDS? sequentially or all at the same time ? I am asking this question because if fluent calculates them sequentially I can define some general variables above all source UDF's which will be used in every UDF. Also if I implement one subroutine and use (call) this in the different DEFINE_SOURCE udf's, how
will fluent handle this? Will the different DEFINE udf's conflict if i declare unique variables in this subroutine? By this I mean that if they are calculated at the same time the value of this unique variable will change constantly by the input of the different UDF's. If it is calculated sequentially this will not pose a problem...

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