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Gabor April 24, 2009 07:14

Dynamic mesh UDF executes twice
Dear Forum Member,

I am trying to compute the flow around a rotating body inside a duct and having the following problem:
when I use smoothing and remeshing together my UDF that contains the dynamics of the rotating body is being executed twice, at least the DEFINE_CG_MOTION() function since my Message() output in it shows up twice. Therefore the angle of rotation is computed twice as well so Fluent thinks the body reached the desired angle of rotation (e.g. the position where the spring is unstressed) however it is just halfways. If I only use smoothing the problem does not occur however I need remeshing in order to avoid skewed cells.
The dynamics of the rotating body is just a simple equation of motion with torsional spring and viscous damping.
I am wondering if You have faced the problem already and could help me out with any suggestion.

Thanks in advance, regards

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