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vidyaraja April 24, 2009 17:07

Source Terms in udf
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I am trying to simulate a vibrating screen to filter particles from fluid. I am trying to incorporate source terms into the momentum balance equation in order to let the fluid get the effect of the movement of the screen. The screen moves along the YZ plane and there is no motion about the X axis. I wrote up a udf code and not sure whether I should interpret it orcompile it in Fluent. Also, I am not very certain about the macros that I used. I went over the tutorials and came up with something but I really have no experience at all in writing codes.

I have attached my udf. Can soemone let me know if it's correct and if not help me correct it? All I want the code to do is modify the Ergun Equation for momentum balance by incorporating the source term and thus tell Fluent that the fluid feels the effect of screen motion.



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