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qwerty753 May 15, 2009 11:40

UDF for porous media in NLTE
Hi to all!
I'm just learning how to use fluent, so i can't implement an UDF! I need some info how to solve a Porous unsteady problem in NON LOCAL THERMAL EQUILIBRIUM. I read on User guide of Fluent 6.2 that this hypotesis is not implemented in fluent!
Who can help me? Thanks a lot.

qwerty753 May 16, 2009 02:45

On the web i have also find a discussion in witch was written something on NLTE i hope can help you to find a solution
"Hello Sudarsan
1). Yes for transient porous media calculation the effect of porosity is taken into account in time derivative term of the species transport equation by Fluent(as for scalar equations)
2). For systems in which fluid and solid material are not in thermal equilibrium you can solve heat transfer problem using dual cell approach details of which you can find in the following tutorial
Hope this will help you

So i ask my self what is a a dual cell approach?

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