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tstorm May 19, 2009 09:18

UDF error: "warning: implicit declaration of function 'max'"
I'm having trouble with a UDF; I've been using max() in my source code for quite a while, but I added a new line and all of the sudden the code isn't working. The only warning in the log file is:

v2f.rot.cur.c: In function 'ke_adjust':
v2f-rot-cur.c.313: warning: implicit declaration of function 'max'

That line of code is:
term4 = MAX(2*pow(PI1,3)-12*pow(PI2,2),1.0e-6);

Does anyone know why I'd get this? Like I said, i'm using max() in other parts of the code, it's just this one line that makes it crash. Removing it makes the code work fine.

tstorm May 19, 2009 11:28

Nevermind, problem solved.

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