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Hanz June 1, 2009 14:25

DPM drag UDF

I'm currently writing my first UDF :) but am a bit stuck :mad:

I need to call the properties of the gas in which the inert particle resides in order to write the equation for drag, such as temperature, Cp etc. I'm currently using the Macro DEFINE_DPM_DRAG(particle_drag_force, Re, p).

Any help would be great.


mail.leonardo June 28, 2016 16:50

Hello Hanz,
I hope you have solved yout problem meantime :)
I am actually about start working on writing an UDF to modify the drag law in the DPM framwork. In particular I should use the Syamlal O'Brian (parametric with Umf and Epsilon on fluidization onset from the experiment) drag law as I did for the TFM. I know that there is an old tutorial for the TFM multiphase application (made when ansysis still did not have this feature already implemented inside) but now I am struggling to figure how to apply the same procedure into the DPM scheme. Do you have any idea at this regard?
Thanks a lot for your attention and support,


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