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ak6g08 June 17, 2009 10:25

UDF general help

Im having trouble understanding how to program using UDFs in fluent. I am familiar with fortran and have done some C before but what im having trouble with is finding some sort of manual that lists what all these new functions do...things such as:
these are just 2 examples from one of the examples in the manual that calculates that magnitude of T^4. Could anyone please point me to some document which lists ALL of the macros in the UDF language and what they do...bcuz they arent all there in the manual I have.

Also, if at all possible, if anyone has an example of a coded user defined scalar transport equation other than the radiation example in the fluent manual, one that includes all the terms...including convection, the unsteady term etc...I would really appreciate it, because I am quite lost at the moment. Thanks a lot


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