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Tanktruck June 18, 2009 09:01

Fluent connection with simulink by TCP/IP
Hi all together,

I need help to solve a problem with UDF in fluent.

I'm modelling a tank truck. The real system is compuound of two system a fluid system and a mechanical system. The best way to model it is modelling the truck in a suitable envairoment such as Matlab/Simulink and the Fluid in another suitable enviroment such as Fluent, and at each time step connect the two model by TCP/IP connection.

The Fluent model consit of one rigid body, the Tank, and a biphasic model of fluid, water and air. The rigid body could be mouved by UDF, using the macro so called DEFINE_CG_MOTION.

Using a general C++ function I want to connect fluent with simulink, in a way that fluent should wait until receives the tank's velocity from Simulink, after that it has to up to date the velosity and position of the tank, it has to calculate the new forces acting on the tank, and these new forces must be sent to simulink.

Until now I'm able to sent a value to fluent, Fluent multiplies this value within by 2 and give back from fluent this value.

The problem is that within this data exchange Fluent doesen't anithing else. I mean it doesen't start the iteration process.

Have some one ides about that stuff????

Thanks a lot

Ama June 28, 2009 12:56

Hi everyone
I am looking for a method to import some data in ms excel file (generated by SIMULINK) and define some inlet boundary conditions to analysis my transient heat transfer model.

If anyone familiar with such an analysis please tell me how to perform it?
(even I have gone through the UDF manual, I wasnt able to find a method to achieve it)

thank you very much !

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