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mahadevan.swamy July 6, 2009 20:45


I am running a simulation in Fluent and this simulation will take me 5 hrs. I know how to create macros but I want to know how to view the code in which it is programmed in. How do I view the code?

In Fluent, I got to Execute commands and input the macros to be called in after every 1000th iteration. I created a macro which will write case and data files. The problem here is when I record a macro and show how I am writing a case and data file, I have to include a proper filename for the case and datafiles. Because if I enter an arbitary filename under the macro recording, the macro when executed will use the same filename as was done in the recording, which is not what I want. For instance, under macro recording, I named my case and datafile as "0001". When the macro is executed, it should recognize that there is a file called 0001 and then create a new case and data file naming them to be 0002.

Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks

coglione July 7, 2009 03:18

have you ever noticed the build-in autosave option of Fluent?

mahadevan.swamy July 7, 2009 08:34

Yes I have used that and it is quite helpful. Do you have any idea how to view the code behind the macro? Thanks

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