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shankara.2 July 9, 2009 16:05

Group injection question - More particles than what I specified!
Hi all

I am injecting 10 particle groups spaced at equal intervals from each other along a straight line. The turbulent dispersion number is 20. So, there should be 200 packets or particles that were tracked in my output screen, right?
I wrote a UDF to calculate the normal velocity and write it out to the screen everytime a particle hits the wall. Once I select Display->Particle Tracks, I expected the normal velocity to be printed 10*20=200 times on my screen. But fluent goes crazy and the normal velocity keeps printing like more than 2000 times and then I get a message 'Warning: Print buffer exceeded'. Why is this happening? The particles are such that once it hits the wall, it reflects and goes away from the wall. There are no other obstructions to make the particle hit the wall again. I'm at a loss to understand why my DPM_BC UDF gets called so many times even though there is a maximum of only 200 times possible. Help me out.



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