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gyliang July 18, 2009 23:31

fluent udf---I need help
Dear friends,
I am a new of using fluent.Recently I want to compare my results with fluent.At the free surface the y-direction gradient of x-direction velocity u and x-direction gradient of temperature have a relation as follows:
du/dy=-dT/dx,dT/dy=0. I write my udf as follows ,but fluent will feed back error when I initialize .Could give me some help ? because most of the time I can not access to this web,so are you kind to contact me at Best wishes !

/************************************************** ****************************
UDF for specifying v gradient of velocity u and temperature at the free surface
************************************************** ****************************/
#include "udf.h"
real xigema = -1; /* the coefficient after dimensioned */

cell_t c;
begin_c_loop(c, thread)
end_c_loop(c, thread)


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