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tas38 July 29, 2009 09:36

Fluent udf--spatial derivative of user-defined scalar
I would like to be able to take spatial derivatives of arbitrary scalar variables within a fluent udf. However, if for example, I put C_U(c,t) into user defined scalar 0 and then define user-defined scalar 1 as C_UDSI(c,t,1)=C_UDSI_G(c,t,0)[1], it produces erroneous values for scalar 1. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I would like to have such capability as I am attemping to add momentum source terms via udf that involve vorticity and vorticity magnitude, which are not explicitly defined field variables for use in udfs.

tompa February 9, 2011 04:05

I have the same question.
Do you know how to solve it now?
I do need the anwser on my problem.

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