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Hanz August 3, 2009 19:33

Hi All.

I'm currently creating a UDF using the Macro DEFINE_DPM_SPRAY_COLLIDE. Within this code I generate a random number. It turns out that even if my source file simply contains the fprintf commands, I'm unable to write data. However, when using the exact same fprintf commands in a seperate source file using DEFINE_DPM_SCALAR_UPDATE I was able to write a file showing the displacements, velocities, Particle IDs etc.

Any ideas on how I could export data from DEFINE_DPM_SPRAY_COLLIDE would be really appreciated.



Micael August 4, 2009 10:21

Make sure you understand when your function is called. I never use this one, but you can add this line of code to check when your function is executed:

Message("DEFINE_DPM_SPRAY_COLLIDE executed!");

If the function executes, you will see the message on the console.

That helps me some times to track such problems.

Have a good day.


Hanz August 4, 2009 16:20


Thanks for your reply. The Message has proved really useful.

Best regards,


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