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ak6g08 September 30, 2009 10:21

please help_win64 compiling
hello all,

I realise this issue has come up many times before, and I have consulted so many previous threads but still cant get this to work. I have been compiling UDFs fine in 32 bit windows and now need to do it on 64bit, and i cant get it to work.

1. I have shared all the relevant folders

2. I have re-installed visual studio 2008 with x64 prerequisites etc..

3. I run fluent 64bit 3ddp from the win64 command prompt by typing in 'fluent
3ddp', I have also tried typing in fluent 3ddp -64 but it hangs when I try that.

4. when I build the udf, i specify the exact name of the directory and do the same when I load it...

by looking at the log file the only error that comes up is:

makefile(51) : U1050: You need to define the environmental variable FLUENT_INC.

The environment variable is created however, and is pointing to the correct directory...I really have no idea what else I could possibly do...anyone experienced with UDFs know what I should try???

thanks in advance

aishwaryarao October 9, 2009 13:56

Try installing Visual Studio Pro 2008 or beta 2010 version

I was having the same problem and I set the env variables right and everything was done the way people had advised on thsi forum and other forums too but installing VS Pro 2010 Beta worked for me. Also, after installing it

1. Open VS command prompt and go to the directory where fluent is and try invoking fluent from the VS command prompt.

It worked for Serial fluent, I don't know how it will work for parallel. But try getting the serial running first.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you come accross any other problem.

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