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payam_IUST October 2, 2009 08:53

Define Certain Cell Threads in Udfs
Hello to every one,I am beginner with udf and realy need your help!
I want to access to certain cells in computational Domain,For Example I want to specify a celinder in Computational domain And access cell velocities or cell tempretures in this region.It seems that in udfs we should loop over the threads,but unfortunately in udf manual did not explained that how we can define desired cell or face or node threads,And it seems that we apply and hook udfs only in faces that specifed in Boundray conditioan panel or in the total Domain:(

payam_IUST October 2, 2009 15:27

In other words I would to get flow variables in UDF at specific coordinates. However I only see functions like C_V(c,t) or C_P(c,t) which required the cell and thread pointers.
So it is possible to know the cell and thread pointers with physical coordinates?
The only one solution I see for instance is to do a loop over all cells on the domain and to test their coordinate...:mad:

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