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ameyadurve October 3, 2009 05:14

Temperature gradient macros
I am studying the mixing of two non-siothermal jets. The maximum temperature difference between the jets is 5 K (cold jet at 298 K and hot jet at 303 K)

However, when I extract the data of temperature gradients I get following values:


C_T_G(c, t)[0] = -511.587 (min value) and 666.1385 (max value)
C_T_G(c, t)[1] = -118.3925 (min value) and 165.9301 (max value)

Reconstruction Gradients

C_T_RG(c, t)[0] = -311.3554 (min value) and 374.1836 (max value)
C_T_RG(c, t)[1] = -114.3944 (min value) and 160.957 (max value)

Can anyone please explain why fluent is showing such high values of gradients when the max temperature difference is only 5 K and the system does not involve any sources for generation of heat

P.S: I have extracted the values of these gradients by assingning an UDMI to each one of them.

ak6g08 October 9, 2009 13:16

do you mind posting your UDF? and information about your geometry.

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