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enry November 15, 2009 06:36

Viscous force
How can I match to the viscous force by UDF? I need to sum pressur force and viscous force. The command to obtain the pressur force is F_P(), what's the command to obtain the viscous force? Otherwise,are there any other way to obtain it?

thanks! :rolleyes:

enry November 15, 2009 11:53

I solve my own problem with

Wall_Shear_Force_X = F_STORAGE_R_N3V(f,f_thread,SV_WALL_SHEAR)[0];
Wall_Shear_Force_Y = F_STORAGE_R_N3V(f,f_thread,SV_WALL_SHEAR)[1];

( I find these funcions on the web; they are NOT on UDF manual!!!! )

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