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D.Martelli December 9, 2009 12:21

Udf for sloshing problem
Hi to everyone
I have to solve a sloshing problem in a tank subject to heave surge sway as harmonic function, on the advanced lecture "the vof model in fluent" on page 30,31 you can read:

• The VOF model in Fluent provides a valuable tool for
analyzing the complicated free surface flows inside a
processing vessel
• Dynamic simulation is achieved by modeling all six
degrees of wave motion through a set of User
Defined Functions
• User supplies the motion parameters e.g. Heave,
Sway, Surge, etc. as harmonic functions

• The motion parameters are
entered through a custom
panel invoked through
Define..User Defined..Motion
• The UDF’s automatically
calculate the appropriate
source terms including
Corioli’s effect

I can't find this custom panel in fluent 6.3 or 6.0 anyone could help me??? tank u very much

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