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sega January 18, 2010 06:24

FLUENT variables for the use in UDF
Hello World.

I think prior to using the UDF correctly I have to know how the internal variables work in FLUENT.

Is there a manual on all these C_...- and other variables?

C_DPMS_YI(c,t,0) += mp_dot*dpm_relax;
C_DPMS_ENERGY(c,t) -= mp_dot*dpm_relax*
C_DPMS_ENERGY(c,t) -= mp_dot*dpm_relax*

Where can I find informations about them?

Bernhard January 18, 2010 08:20

In your Fluent Documentation, you can go to the UDF Manual > Additional Macros for Writing UDFs > Data Acces Macros. This in 3.2 in my case, but it differs from version to version.

sega January 19, 2010 04:41

Thank you!
Thats exactly what I was searching for!

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