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sega January 21, 2010 09:05

Coal combustion and ash reaction kinetics
Hello World.

I have opened two different threads before and got very useful answers.
Both questions related to the same problem and now its time to put them together into one thread.

I'm want to do coal combustion with the Discrete Phase Model.

This sounds like the standard combustion model and the governing DPM laws (1, 4, 5, 6) for heating, devolatilization and surface combustion.

BUT: The goal of my work is to determine the behaviour of the incombustible parts of the coal.
Am I right that the standard laws of coal combustion do no detailed analysis of the mineral ashes inside the coal particle?

So, this is where my problem come into play:
I want to describe the reaction kinetics of round about 25 ash/mineral components.

First of all: How do I initialize suche a coal particle containing volatile parts, combustible parts and 25 different uncombustible parts?

Second - and far more important: Where do I have to implement the reaction kinetics equations for the uncombustible parts? In the DPM_LAW section?
So far I have thought about the DPM_LAW section as the section containing the code for the combustible parts?!

So where to start? Any help is appreciated.
Haye a nice day!

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