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mariachi January 24, 2010 12:16

Do u know some LES guy???
Hey friends,

If anyone has done some work on LES or if u know someone else, mayb ur frnd or teacher or advisor, plz reply

i want real help here regarding LES and UDF...

ill be really thankful

kabat73 January 24, 2010 13:52

LES flow over cylinder
If you need some new publication about LES (flow over cylinder) I can send you via @. I am trying to solve similar problem from a month but I met some problems with vortex street.
What kind of problem do you want to solve?

mariachi January 25, 2010 01:07

hi thanks for replying...

i am doing LES of wing. i want to do comparative study between LES and URANS. for that i want to record the fluctuating component of velocity which offcourse will not be capturred in URANS. i know UDF has to be written for this purpose but how? i want help in that.

secondly i want to visualize the eddies forming up, is there any option in fluent by which i can visualize eddies? since these eddies are formed and they break down into smaller eddies until they die down completely, well i want to make some animation to capture that process as well. so how to see them?

and what are iso surface of Q (second invariant of velocity gradient i guess)? and how can they be visualized in fluent coz i cdnt find any such option.

plz send me that publication as well

my email is:

thanks Mirek

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