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pbrane11 January 26, 2010 15:06

Riemann Solvers in Fluent
Hello there..I am new graduate CFD student..and I am wondering is there a way to implement an approximate Riemann solver in Fluent together with a limiter. Can that be programmed in the UDF environment? Thank you very much

DoHander January 27, 2010 17:07

You already have an approximate Riemann solver in Fluent (Roe-FDS scheme is a Riemann solver), check the density based solver and you will see.

About using your own UDF for this ... I don't know, check if you can add a user defined function in the Solution Control panel where you chose between Roe-FDS or AUSM. In Fluent 6.3 there is no such facility.

If you want to implement an approximate Riemann solver just to learn how to do it, start your own code use a simple geometry to avoid the need of a mesh generator ...


pbrane11 January 27, 2010 17:27

Do Hander thank you so much....I had it right in front of my know Roe's solver was developed in the same university I am right now.
As for the are right, I try to learn how to write code..I want to use a slender 3d geometry and honestly I do not have a clue how to write it with code...Thank you very much!!!!

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