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nishith February 22, 2010 01:26

Rayleigh Taylor Instability UDF
hi , I am studying R T instability and for that i have written UDF for creating a sinusoidal interface between the two liquids, the udf was interpreted well and after hooking i can see the sinusoidal interface by contours-----> phase. After doing all this when i start iterations, just after the first iteration all the things are getting vanished, in the sense now the lower fluid has taken place in all over the domain by vanishing the upper one, now i don't know the problem.

may be i am lagging some where in defining UDF but i have used UDF in only initialization and as i can see the sinusoidal interface i think its working well but if its working well then whats the problem ????????????

Please help,


shahjehan March 28, 2015 09:20

you can introduce sinusoidal pattern at centre through gambit geometry by making sinusoidal pattern of lines.

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