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enry March 1, 2010 06:10

How can I break a fluent calculation?
Hi, I'm simulating an unsteady flow, and I impose some time steps to FLUENT "a priori"; however my goal is to break FLUENT calculation "a posteriori", under some bond.

So my idea is to to write a UDF that under some bond impose to FLUENT to break the calculation, even if I impose "a priori" the number of time steps, but FLUENT can't read the command "exit" in my UDF.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.

Robert@cfd March 1, 2010 11:28

Did you try the touch-command?
read page 9/10 for further informations

I didnt try it, but maybe it helps.


enry March 1, 2010 11:51

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Maybe it can be useful.

gemini March 5, 2010 04:22

See section 3.7 Input/Output Macros in UDF manual. It might help...

good luck

enry March 5, 2010 05:17


Robert@cfd April 5, 2010 19:18

Did you find a solution to the problem?

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