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Constantine March 11, 2010 15:19

Plasma Flow Modelling using Source term and cell's data
Hello all,
I am trying to model the interaction of a normal flow and the flow that is produced due to a plasma actuator on a flat plate. I have the data of the plasma region from a matlab file which are my source terms , and using the datagrid command i created a grid of 30000(150x200) cells representing the plasma area.Then I created my mesh of the flat plate in gambit where I also created a similar grid of 30000 cells with the same dimensions of course in a x-position on the plate.So now the problem is how can I (using a UDF ) tell fluent that i want every cell data that i have to be 'patched' on the specific cells on my plasma region! I can create program that will read the txt data file from matlab in an array for example but how can i match the cell's data from the matlab's grid with the right cells in fluent?????
If i havent been clear enough , I am here for any further explanation!!
Any help is more than welcome!!!!

mukut May 10, 2010 04:49

Both of our working field is same. I also try to simulation flow induced by plasma actuator in phoenics. If we can communicate more with each other I think we can do good. If so please mail me.

sosososo1114 May 19, 2010 21:06

Can your matlab programm export the coordinations of the cell centrode? If it is, I think you can just ask your matlab programme write a fluent profile file that contains every value u want as well as the coordiation of cells. And then u can write a journal file to ask the FLUENT to read them from the profile file and to set your BCs:)

I hope it is useful
Have a good day
Hongjin Wang

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