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TDi March 22, 2010 16:50

UDF macro reference manual
I am trying to get starting using a UDF in Fluent to change the geometry of my model as a function of time. There does not seem to be any reference guide in the FLUENT manuals for the types, data structures, and special functions used in the DEFINE_macros.
For instance, in one sample program, beam.c from section 2.6.3 of the UDF Manual, there are such things as SET_DEFORMING_THREAD_FLAG(), NV_S(), and Message(), for which I can find no definitions or explanations. Trying to infer their function from the sample programs seems a really haphazard way of presenting the information. :confused:
Is there a comprehensive listing of the tools to use in DEFINE_macros?

TDi March 23, 2010 12:33

in particular, I would like to know about the following functions (and related functions) used in the sample programs


Where are these defined?

MASOUD March 24, 2010 11:40

Check section 3.3 for looping macros.

Or just search a word of the aforementioned macros in your PDF file. You'll find them.

TDi March 24, 2010 11:53

Thanks. I'm not sure how I missed a whole section of the manual. I've been using the html version, which did not return search results for any of the above. Maybe the PDF's are better.

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