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priyanka.asp March 25, 2010 13:32

UDF for defining granular viscosity in mixture model
Hello all,

I am new to fluent and I want to use a UDF for defining the granualar viscosity of the secondary phase in the mixture model :
mu= -0.188 + 537.42*Volume fraction.

I had written the follwoing UDF.

#include "udf.h"
DEFINE_PROPERTY(solid_viscosity,cell, thread)
real mu;
real vf=C_T(cell,thread);
return mu;

This is correct? And how can I use this in my case. Can anyone help?


Siddiqui May 21, 2017 12:42

I think you need to use DEFINE_ADJUST macros to modify the volume fraction using C_VOF(cell,thread)*constant; save this in user defined memory then use this User defined memory in DEFINE_PROPERTY macro like mu=C_UDMI(cell,thread,i).

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