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gracerlima April 3, 2010 12:52

Linking pre-compiled UDFs to Fluent
Hi everybody!

I compiled a UDF for grid motion using visual c++ command prompt window. It worked well.
Now I am supposed to link this pre-compiled UDF to Fluent using the following command line (at the libudf directory) suggested in the UDF users guide:

make "FLUENT_ARCH=ntx86"

but it is not working.
It gives me the following answer:

make command not found

can anybody help me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

DoHander April 3, 2010 15:00

You need to "LOAD" your UDF in Fluent from the Fluent menu, no need to use any command line, anyway on Visual Studio make is probably ... nmake.

Try with nmake ...


gracerlima April 3, 2010 15:16

Hi DoHander,

I tried to compile my UDF using the GUI of Fluent in the Windows but it didn't worked, then I compiled it in the visual c++ using the command nmake as is shown in the UDF user's manual.

After this step, there is another step that is linking this pre-compiled UDF to fluent and then I used this command

make "FLUENT_ARCH = ntx86" and then it appears the problem.

I think that maybe it could be a kind-of gnu feature that I should have installed on my machine...

If you have any further idea on this...please write to me!!!


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