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bawfuls July 13, 2010 16:53

compiling linked udf (C/fortran mixed)
I am trying to implement a udf that will run some fortran code. To start with, I have created a very simple test code in c that should call the fortran subroutine. I have been following the procedures outlined in the udf manual (chapter 5) for doing this. I created the directory structure, coppied in the fortran object file, etc.

I am having trouble however building the library with the makefile as described in the udf manual, 5.3.2. It says there,

"In the Visual Studio command prompt window, go to each version folder (e.g., \libudf\ntx86\2d\), and type nmake as shown in the following example.


But I can not seem to find the appropriate syntax to do this in the visual studio command window. Can anyone tell me the exact syntax I need to "go to each version folder" in order to run the nmake command? And is it a problem that one of the folders in my directory tree has spaces in it's name?

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