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chaos August 11, 2010 10:57

tagging of single nodes.

at the moment i am working on an fsi in fluent.

finally it was not so hard to programm an fsi for struktural simulation. (for only one part).

but now i need to split my part... (for different material id's)

my solution was to compare (at the first fsi loop) the external grid koordinates with the internal node koordinates of fluent.
so fluent makes a loop over all shell node and if the koordinates match it stores the external nodenumber into NODE_MARK(v).
after that i can work with nodemark and easily write the needed informations for the external program into a file.

but after the first fsi loop some of the NODE_MARK(v) values have changed!

is there a way to get the internal nodenumber of fluent?
then i could make a table between the fluentnodenumbers and the external nodenumbers.

i'm not shure but is NODE_MARK(v) the global nodenumber of fluent?

Yours sincerely

sorry for my bad english

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