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LICH November 22, 2010 22:48

A problem about 'printf' and 'Message' in UDF.

I'm trying to write a UDF. But there is a tiny and boring problem now.

To any UDF(whatever it is, even an example in Fluent UDF guidebook):
1. It CAN be compiled correctly. (with NO error & warning)
2. It CAN be hooked correctly.
3. It DOES work. (I tested this by changing the UDF code)

BUT, whatever I used 'printf' or 'Message', it just CAN'T print any message in FLUENT console.

I tested the UDF in other's computer, it worked and give the message in FLUENT console. I even copy that guy's DLL & LIB files to my machine to compile the UDF. It worked, but still can't print anything.

It's really a tiny problem. But it is important for debugging. I'm so confused.

Thanks a lot!!

LICH November 24, 2010 02:32

Hi~~It works!:D

I just reinstall the FLUENT and VC. Maybe there is something wrong before. But I still don't exactly know the reason.

Anyway, thanks a lot and good luck!

sadjad.s May 2, 2013 02:45

Thanks for sharing the answer.

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