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thdeck December 9, 2010 09:53

Changig BC with text command

I want to write a simple(!) file for setting up automatically a new case. write-bc and read-bc can lead to mistakes, so am beginning to use journal files with text commands.

def models viscous ke-realizable yes

Unfortunately this doesn't work well with the boundary conditions. A typical command would be:
def bound wall wall-3 ,,, no yes 0.4 ,,,,,

But the number of "," "yes", "no", etc. and their position depends on the models you use and the settings you made before.

I am looking for a possibility to change only one setting within a set of boundary conditions, something like:
set "internal emissivity" 0.8

I already tried to read a smaller part of a bc file, example:
(bc (w-3 wall mixture) ((in-emiss (constant . 0.4))))

This would change only one value, but reading this with "read-bc" doesn't work, although I created it with "write-bc".

I know scheme commands that start with "(rpsetvar", but I don't know whether it is possible to set boundary conditions in that way.

Has anyone a simple solution for my problem?


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