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stulle December 19, 2010 17:20

neighboring cell in VOF model

iīm modelling a two phase flow with a mixture phase (water_vapor+air) and a water phase.
on the interface between the two phases there is one cell with volume fraction between 0 and 1, letīs say 0.5.
i want to access the cell which is next to the cell with volume fraction 0.5, this cell has volume fraction 0.

CELL A:water(C_VOF=1)|CELL B:C_VOF=0.5|CELL C:mix_phase(C_VOF=0)

how can i solve my problem by using an udf ?
like :
calculate something in CELL B
calculate something in CELL C

i know there are some macros like F_C0 and F_C1, but i donīt know how to use them in a multiphase problem...

thanks for your help or suggestions :)

fluentuser1 January 5, 2011 10:27

I think you could loop all the cells to find the the surface cell. And then you can test the cells around the surface cell.

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