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nuengao January 1, 2011 05:31

UDF post processing
Dear all

I need your help about how to post the result as function of time.
If the codes are the following

DEFINE_PROFILE(velocity_magnitude, t, i)
real velocity;
real the_current_time;
face_t f;
the_current_time = CURRENT_TIME;
if ((the_current_time>=0) && (the_current_time<10))
if ((the_current_time>=10) && (the_current_time<15))
if ((the_current_time>=15))

F_PROFILE(f,t,i) = velocity;

If I'd like to post the result at the some time such as t=20s how can I do this pleas help me

sincerely your

ComputerGuy January 1, 2011 14:29


What do you mean by "post the result?"
Do you mean output the value of velocity at a time of exactly 20s to the screen?


nuengao January 2, 2011 02:01

Dear computerGuy
I mean how can I use CFD post at the time that I want?

such as temperature , velocity after 10 s

Vitaly January 21, 2012 17:17

You can set when to write the .dat files (kind of restricting, but I think you can also include a write .dat file in a UDF if you are using linux) . You can also assign variable monitors, if there are just some specific variables values you want to track as a function of time (or times step).

Look into: Solution -> monitors...and just play around with the different monitors you can assign.

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