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fluentuser1 January 5, 2011 10:17

How to compile the Scheme code?
I am very new to Scheme. I have written some scheme code. I want to compile my code into bin files. How can I compile it into bin files? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

dmoroian January 6, 2011 13:43

Check this:
and let us know about your findings!

DoHander January 6, 2011 21:57

what is your intention with your Scheme code ? Are you going to use this as a standalone program ? If yes, then you can pick from a large variety of Scheme implementations that will let you generate executables (MIT Scheme, Chicken Scheme etc ...). In general a Scheme compiler will generate under the hood C code which will be compiled to machine code.

However if you want to use your Scheme code in Fluent you need to load your code in Fluent and this will interpret the code for you. I don't think you will be able to easily link with Fluent a compiled binary Scheme code (maybe I'm wrong).


gearboy January 7, 2011 02:29


Originally Posted by dmoroian (Post 289512)
Check this:
and let us know about your findings!

I have tried MIT scheme. It can generate .bin file, but this type of bin file can't be identified by FLUENT. It seems that FLUENT bin scheme library is not compiled by MIT scheme.

fluentuser1 January 7, 2011 12:09

I have got some bin file from our colleague who had left before I came to our group. These files could be load into Fluent and excuted. But I don't know how they are compiled. When I open these files with text editor, I get lots of disordered data and text. I want to know how can the scheme code be compiled into a bin file and how can the bin file be loaded into Fluent. I suppose that there must a command or something that could compile the scheme code.
And, I have test the FASL file, but it can not be loaded into Fluent. Anybody can help us?

DoHander January 7, 2011 13:50

You don't actually need to compile a Scheme code into bin in order to run this in Fluent. Normally you will write your scheme code in a text file, the file must have .scm as extension.
After that you can load the Scheme macro in Fluent (from the File menu if I remember correctly). You don't need to compile anything. Just load your scm file.

(By "bin" files you mean binary files or files with .bin extension ?)


fluentuser1 January 8, 2011 10:34

I am very new to scheme. By "bin file" I mean I found a file with .bin extension, and it could be loaded into fluent with scheme command. When I opened it with text editor, I got much disordered data and words. So what is that file with .bin extension? How can I make my scheme code to the .bin file? ( I am sure the .bin file was made of scheme code by our former colleague).



DoHander January 9, 2011 11:18

Can you upload the bin file here ?


fox000002 July 21, 2011 15:46

The bin files must be FASL files.

The file format is scheme implemention dependent.

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