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aamer January 25, 2011 08:29

dynamic mesh airfoil oscillation
hello all,

I have written a udf to oscillate NACA0012 airfoil at high Renoylds number, using pressure far field boundary condition. I have created an O-type structured mesh. the free stream Mach number is 0.09 with its x component set at 1 and y component set at 0 (free steam air is in x-direction)

in order to oscillate the airfoil, i have set the "airfoil" and "default interior" as rigid body. as a result the airfoil and the whole domain oscillate during the iterations.

My question is that when the whole domain and airfoil oscillate, does the incoming free stream air also changes its direction when entering the domain or it maintains its original direction (i.e. the x-direction which we have set initially).

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