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Hypersonicflow April 11, 2011 04:27

Flowfield temperature modification through UDF

I would like to introduce myself to this forum as quite a newbie when it comes to FLUENT UDFs.

I would kindy ask some of you to give me a clue how to:

Modify the temperature during the run in any cell (not just at the inlet).
Example: loop over all cells and if the velocity in a cell is larger than five, increase the temperature by one.

From the UDF manual, it is not really clear to me which command has to be used for this purpose. Is it DEFINE_ADJUST or any other comand?

Please excuse the simple nature of this question, but I would be really thankful for a short hint.


Amir April 11, 2011 05:01

Hi there,
you can use DEFINE_ADJUST here. in selecting define macros, you have to notice when and where it executes during iterations. this macro executes every iterations and you can make a loop over all cells so it's suitable.


Hypersonicflow April 18, 2011 13:27

Thanks for your help, Armir - Problem solved.


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