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masins May 20, 2011 04:25

Suspend iterations from UDF
I have to develope an UDF in Fluent that read an external text file in wich are stored some informations. After this reading I have to perform an "if" statement finalized to put Fluent in pause when a particular condition is reached. This procedure is a part of a syncronization process between codes (Fluent and in-house code).
I've already written the UDF for the first part but now I don't know how to suspend the iterations (for a given time) from the UDF.

What I need is something similar to the command "!sleep 60s" that works succesfully into a journal file but, for what I've seen, is not available in UDFs.

Is not crucial for me to use an UDF but I've tried with an UDF because is the only way that I know to perform a control statement.

Someone can help me?
Best regards.


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