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aleisia June 7, 2011 16:32

A question about UDF utility in mixture and multiphase model

I'm trying to model a filter without using porous medium: In a 3D model with air and another gaseous substance (say, SO2) as a mixture, there is a volume, I want to get the mass flow rate of the mixture at one inlet surface of the volume, and reduce it to 1% of the inlet value, and set this new value as the boundary condition at the outlet surface of the volume, then set the SO2 mass flow rate difference between inlet and outlet surface as the sink rate of the volume.

In order to do that, I have some questions:

1. Both air and SO2 are gaseous, so I can use mixture mode, instead of Euler multiphase model, right?

2. Using mixture model, do I have to use the utilities looping over phase domains in a mixture? I mean, they are both at the same gaseous phase, there is no phase interface, right? If so, how do I get the info of SO2 and air mass flow rate at the inlet surface?

3. Can I use F_PROFILE(f,t,n) n is used to specify SO2 or air, instead of writing sub_domain_loop, am I getting this right?


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