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syler3321 June 15, 2011 15:45

UDF Wall functions in Fluent
I was reading the manuals for Fluent's UDF and chanced upon the wall function. This is what it said. Your UDF will
need to compute the real value of the wall functions U+, dU+, and dY+ for laminar and
turbulent regions and return them to the solver.
My question is: what is dU+ and dY+?
Also are these the only things i have to worry about when defining my own wall functions? I think i might have to alter the shear stress as well dont i?
Please help.

grayback87 June 17, 2013 04:34

I have the same problem, because I need to model de shear stress with a function like this one:

Tau = Cd*rho*U^2

How can I do this?
It should be very simple, however I don't know how.
Here is the example of fluent.

And here the definition of the wall function by Launder and Spalding.

But with this information I am not able to do the wall function that I need.

¿Someone could help ?

m zahid September 20, 2014 12:37

meaning of DUPLUS and D2PLUS

anybody know the meaning of DUPLUS and D2PLUS. these terms are used in UDF wall function example and also why the equation of both terms are different,


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