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Komon September 20, 2011 19:33

vaporization pressure UDF
Hello to everyone!

I'm a new member here and have a problem, which I hope some of you will help me to solve. I'm trying to compile an UDF function with which I would be able to define changing of vaporization pressure in cavitation. As it is written in UDF manual, you have to use DEFINE_PROPERTY udf. So I wrote the udf and compiled it. The problem is that when I want to select this UDF in vaporization pressure dialog box I get the message: error: No user-defined functions have been loaded.

Up to now, I've written a couple of UDF-s for compressible water, its sound speed and so on, and all of these have worked well. This one however, doesnt. I have searched the forum and on the internet for the solution of my problem, but without luck. If you know what might be the solution, please let me know.



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