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Josyula October 7, 2011 03:47

Sinusoidal wall motion with VOF
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I am trying to model bubble transport through a 2D 'Y' microchannel.
Initially, I have written a DEFINE_CG_MOTION UDF for the sinudsoidal motion of the walls without the bubble in it. This works well.
Next, I 'patched' the bubble (only one bubble) near the entrance of the microchannel using the VOF scheme in FLUENT. [I have attached a snapshot of the geometry with bubble]
When I tried to run my case with the bubble and the moving wall UDF, the simulation got hanged once the wall movement started.
I understood that the 'patched' region is not able to adjust the volume fraction of the bubble in accordance with the wall movement. So, I wrote a DEFINE_ADJUST UDF. But it didn't work.
I am at loss now on how to proceed. The idea of this modeling is to understand the effect of wall movement on the bubble transport.
I would be glad if anybody can help me.

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