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emmkell October 20, 2011 07:49

Ansys FLUENT UDF - Velocity profile (of known values) across edge / surface

I have a known velocity profile, which i found from experimental testing. It is across a surface and I know the velocity values at 100 points across this surface.

Is it possible to create a UDF to assign these values to 100 points across an edge in Fluent (or say across a known distance with each of the 100 values spread equidistant across the edge)?

Would really appreciate any help, I am reading the UDF manual but it seems the profile UDF's all require an equation to assign the profile.


Emma :)

giuli@ October 20, 2011 08:39

Hi Emma :)
you can enter a velocity profile as velocity inlet b.c. . If your surface is a wall, the velocity there is zero..
Btw, why do you start your simulation from the results backwards and not the other way round (as it is usually done)..? maybe I didn't get your question!



tmulcahey3 October 21, 2011 13:12

Your best bet is to assign a curve fit to your data and use that equation in your velocity UDF. see DEFINE_PROFILE in the UDF manual for details. You could probably assign the points individually if the mesh geometry matches the distribution of your data points exactly, but that seems like a pain to do since you would have to assign each value individually.

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