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jayilosa November 11, 2011 19:24

cannot load UDF library
hi genius people,

I'm having trouble loading udf library. I haven't faced this error message until last month, but now, I'm having this error

"The UDF library you are trying to load (libudf) is not compiled for 2d on the current platform (lnamd64)."

I think some updates(?) was done in our server, which I do not manage. Anyone know how to solve this prob?

fox000002 November 11, 2011 20:45

The UDF is compiled with an x86 C compiler.

A 64 bit compiler should be used.

laurentb November 16, 2011 10:40

The udf must be compiled for the platform (64 or 32 bits) and the configuration (2d, 2ddp, 3d or 3ddp) used. For example you must have a directory structure such as libudf/lnamd64/2d/ If not, try to compile under Fluent.

jayilosa November 16, 2011 13:44

I tried to compile using FLuent, but failed. I think my c source file has problem running in Linux.

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